Automatic datamining loader to speed up the import of hands into trackers
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Almost all professional players use datamining. It allows you to know everything about your opponents before you have even played them once. From the first hand, we see the flaws in the opponents' strategy and exploit them. Especially useful is the hand history of weak players. Except that amateurs only have enough bankroll for a few days of play. To get into this period and make the most out of it, you need fresh datamining. A datamining downloader can help automate the process!

What is a hand history loader and why is it needed?

KingsHands loader automates the process of importing datamining to poker trackers. After a small setup procedure, all your hand history will be imported to your Hand2Note, PokerTracker 4, Holdem Manager 3 daily. If you've ever used datamining before, you know how inconvenient it is to work with it manually. Here's what it looked like:

1. You go to your email and download the datamining that the provider sent you;

2. You unzip the downloaded files, because the datamining comes in an archive. The worst option is when you take your hand history over several days or weeks. Then you have to unzip each of the files separately.

3. You run your stats software and import the hands. Importing several hundred thousand hands will take more than a dozen minutes. There is no quick way to import and start a session.

The automatic KH uploader saves you from this chore. Fresh datamining comes from the server and is imported to the poker tracker via the loader.

Where to find the downloader?

It takes no more than 5 minutes to install and set up the software. Here's what you need to do:

  1. On the KingsHands website, go to the "Hand Histories" tab.

2.  In the window that opens click on the big red button "Loader". You can download the loader directly by following this link.

3. Open downloaded file and install it on HDD. The loader weighs 6 MB.

4. Start the software and enter your login and password from KH website. If you do not have a KH account, register yourself. To register, you have to fill 4 fields: email, login, password, nickname.

The loader interface is designed for functionality, so it is easy to understand. In case you have any difficulties, contact KingsHands support team.

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