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Asian mobile poker apps continue to grow. While in 2016 PPPoker was exotic and played there purely out of curiosity, in 2022 the Asian room is ahead of PokerStars in terms of the number of cash players. And the level of opponents in PPPoker is lower than in traditional rooms.

Previously, the mobile app software was severely inferior to the top-end rooms, but now things have improved as well. It is now possible to use poker trackers and HUDs there. The only thing you need in addition to software for gathering statistics is datamining. Here is how to get your hand history for PPPoker.

Does datamining exist for PPPoker?

The answer to the question in the title is: "Yes, datamining for PPPoker exists and you can buy it from us". Go to the datamining tab and place your order.

At KingsHands you can order hand history not only for No Limit Texas Hold'em, but also for Pot Limit Omaha. We collect hands from NL10 to NL40000000. In Omaha, the range is the same: from PLO10 to PLO40000000. We collect over 1,100,000 hands every month on PPPoker. Convenient site tools and a flexible discount system will help you save and buy only the limits you are interested in. We sell hand history both in packages and as monthly subscriptions. In the second case, fresh hands come to your inbox every day.

A few years ago multi-tabling in Asian poker apps looked like this: a player would place several smartphones on the table and take turns making decisions on each of them. Only one table was allowed on one smartphone. Therefore, collecting hand history on PPP poker was out of the question. The PC client made life easier not only for the players, but also for our programmers. They learned how to collect hand history on PPPoker and other mobile applications.

How to order datamining on KingsHands?

Ordering datamining is simple. Here is what you need to do:

1. On the home page, click on the "Hand Histories" tab.

2. On the page with the rooms choose "PPPoker". You will then be automatically taken to a screen where you can choose: the type of poker, the limit, and the way you want to buy (package or monthly subscription).

3. As an example let's choose a monthly subscription for Omaha limits PLO10-PLO40. When you check the game type, limit or subscription term, the button turns white. A clear graph will show the hand coverage for the last month on the selected limits. Below the graph is a list of clubs and unions where we collect hands. The list opens by clicking on the white triangle.

4. Click on "Order Now". The button is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

5. Check your order, enter your e-mail address, choose your payment method, click on the green button "Checkout". You can pay with Skrill, Neteller, Paypal, WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, Юmoney, and Cryptocurrencies.

Large amounts of hand histories are easy to download with our free downloader. Read more about it in a separate article.

Why to play at PPPoker?

There are 2 factors in favour of playing on PPPoker:

  • The low level of opponents. Many mid- and low-limit players from classic rooms commented that they easily beat tables with higher stakes after switching to the Asian app. On poker profile resources, it is easy to find examples of an average PokerStars regular from NL10 which beats NL50 on PPPoker with no problem.
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world. Poker has become more localised in the last decade. Many countries have begun to control room operations, leading to the creation of segregated reservations. Particularly rampant in this are the states, which were considered to be purveyors of amateur players. PPPoker operates on the basis of private clubs, so it is easy to meet opponents from the USA, China, Australia, the Netherlands and Japan at the tables.

PPPoker has long left PokerStars and partypoker behind in terms of the number of players at the cash tables. You can play not only in No Limit Hold'em, but also several versions of PLO, short deck poker and Chinese Pineapple. The selection of disciplines is traditional: cash, spins, Sit&Go and MTT tournaments.

The stack-to-blind convertation feature has long been implemented in the room client

The main disadvantage of PPPoker compared to conventional rooms is the software. However, every year the client is improved and brought closer to the best examples of the industry. A separate version for the PC has greatly simplified the sessions for professionals.

There is also rakeback in the room. Its size is determined by the management of each club independently. The average rakeback rate is 30%-40%. You can follow its size by checking the statistics which you will get after 2 weeks of playing in the club.

For which other rooms do we have hand history?

The entire list of rooms can be found in our Hand History tab. In addition to PPPoker, we collect hands from:

  • Upoker,
  • PokerBros,
  • Chico Poker Network,
  • Suprema Poker,
  • 888Poker.

Winning Poker Network is not yet available due to software changes.

We also recommend Asian Converter and Asian Tool. The first allows you to play with stats and HUD on PPPoker and other Asian rooms. The second makes multi-tabling easier, like converting stacks to big blinds on PokerBros.

With each new version of Asian Tool, the software adds more and more features

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