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How does the Kingshands affiliate program work?

It's simple: you place your affiliate link on your resource (website, social network, personal blog, etc.) or share it with your friends. Any user who follows this link and registers on KingsHands will forever be linked to your account and you will for life receive a commission for all their purchases on our site.


Where can I get my affiliate link?

Any user who has an account on the KingsHands website automatically receives their unique affiliate link. It is located in your partner's personal account


Can I make an affiliate link to a separate product or page of the site?

Yes, for this we need the last part of your affiliate link. Starting with a question mark and going on (each will have a unique part, do not copy the data from the example below, this is just a sample!)

And we need to place it with the URL of the page we need.

For example, the affiliate link for the GGPoker converter will look like this:


How much will I earn from each purchase of the players I referred?

We offer a fixed commission of 30% of the order amount. For large partners, we can offer special conditions, it depends on the monthly turnover of your referrals. Contact us if you have an interesting proposal for large purchases or traffic to our website.


Will I receive a commission for purchasing any product on the site?

In our store, we have both products of our own design and products from other developers. The terms of our affiliate program apply only to our products from the following categories:

Thus, if the player you referred makes a purchase of Holdem Manager 3, we will not be able to charge you an affiliate commission :(


Where can I track my affiliate balance?

At the same personal partner's account in the Transactions tab


How can I get my payout and is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

So far, we accept orders for commission payments only in manual mode. To do this, simply contact our support, and tell us your e-mail, the amount to withdraw and the desired payment system for payment.

The minimum payout amount is $50



Become a partner and earn from every sale! Get from 15% from each purchase of the customer you referred!

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