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Using datamining is one of the necessary conditions for a profitable poker. If we see strange action from an unknown opponent, in most situations, we fold our hand. However, if we had clear information that we are facing a recreational player, the decision would be different. When playing NL5 or NL10 it would be unpleasant but not really noticeable, but not winning the stack at NL500 would be a shame.

KingsHands is constantly expanding its coverage of the rooms and already collects datamining for 888Poker, TigerGaming, BetOnline, PPPoker, Upoker, PokerBros. Now you can buy Suprema Poker hand history from us as well. For a few tens of dollars, you will know everything about your opponents.

What is Suprema Poker?

Suprema Poker is a new mobile poker app. Suprema Poker was a major alliance in PPPoker until 2021 and then spun off into a separate app. The SP was originally a Brazilian alliance, so it is dominated by Brazilians and players from other South American countries.

You can play cash, MTT and Spin&Go in the app. Most of the tables are occupied by no-limit Texas Hold'em players. Omaha and short deck poker are also available.

Not SCOOP or WCOOP, but Suprema has its own tournament series

Playing down to NL100 is far more active than on the more expensive tables.

How to play stats on Suprema Poker?

Statistics and a HUD are available on many Asian poker software applications. They also work on Suprema Poker. To fully use Hand2Note, PokerTracker 4 or Holdem Manager 3, Asian Converter is required. Anyone can try it for free. Go to the converter card, download it and follow the instructions to get a trial.

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