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In recent months the interest of players to Pokerdom has increased. If at the end of February 2022 an average of 325 people sat at the cash tables, now this figure has reached the mark of 550 people. There is no great merit of the room in this - it is a matter of competitors who left Russia and Belarus. Nevertheless, now room is as close as possible to the top 10 of world poker. The growth of traffic and a small number of alternatives is a good argument in favor of playing here. Many players are stopped by the lack of statistics on Pokerdom. Or is there a way to play with HUD after all?

Is it possible to play with statistics and HUD on Pokerdom?

There are conflicting opinions about playing with statistics on Pokerdom. The official site of the room and specialized poker resources say that trackers and HUDs do not work on Pokerdom. This statement is only partially true.

Directly, the software of Pokerdom does not support the work of Holdem Manager 3, PokerTracker 4 or Hand2Note. All because of the special format, in which the room saves the hand history. The software converts the hands into the format understandable to trackers, which allows displaying statistics and HUD during the session. That is why it is possible to show the statistics at Pokerdom, but only when using the converter. Trackers work both at the cash tables and in tournaments. We give everyone who wants a free trial version.

Even with basic statistics the profitability of the sessions will greatly increase

You can download the trial converter for Pokerdom here. A temporary key is given by KingsHands technical support. You can contact them by:

Ok, everything is clear with Pokerdom converter and stats, but what to do with the direct prohibition to use programs for collecting statistics on the official site of the room? Technically, HM3, PT4 and other trackers are indeed banned on Pokerdom. That doesn't prevent most professionals from using stats during the game. Why doesn't the security service punish the players? They do not know about the fact that poker players play with trackers and output stats.
To fully protect yourself from being banned, you need to run the converter, tracker and the room client in a strict sequence:

1. Start converter for Pokerdom;
2. Start poker tracker;
3. open the PD client.

If you follow the rules, the room will never find out about the poker with statistics and will not block your account. KingsHands has been releasing converters since 2012 and no client has ever come to us with a complaint of having their account blocked in PokerDom because of a converter. You are 99.9% protected if you strictly follow the instructions of the software.

You can be even more secure if you don't keep a lot of money in your account. Leave the necessary minimum of buy-ins or stacks for a comfortable poker. Then you will be less worried about the safety of your bankroll. If the amount in the account becomes less, you will replenish the account to a comfortable number. Surplus, on the contrary, withdraw it. Modern rooms and payment systems are designed for instant deposits. Therefore, such a security measure will not cause any time delays.


Why are some rooms against the statistics?

Before Black Friday, all poker rooms were loyal to trackers. The presence of statistics and HUD was considered as a prerequisite for the game. The closures of Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker launched an online poker crisis. The loss of access to American players led to a shortage of amateurs. A situation developed where more money was being withdrawn from poker than entered. Poker rooms and networks had to take unpopular measures against regulars. The prohibition of statistics is one of them.

Some of the rooms promoted the idea that stats and HUDs create unequal conditions. Professional players at the expense of software to collect statistics received information that helped them outplay amateurs. The idea that a recreational player could just as well buy Holdem Manager or PokerTracker was ignored.

Unibet Poker, a small European room, was the first to ban the statistics. Contrary to predictions of the imminent collapse the experiment was a success and the number of players at Unibet even grew. Over time, the Unibet managed to surpass the Microgaming Poker Network in terms of traffic, from which it withdrew and set sail on its own.

It is funny that Unibet Poker is alive and well, while the MPN closed in the spring of 2020

Unibet's example was later followed by partypoker, which dropped support for trackers entirely in the spring of 2019. At one point, even PokerStars and 888Poker were rumored to have similar plans.

In capable hands, trackers are indeed a formidable weapon. A strong player is able to determine his opponent's style of play based on several indicators, find his weaknesses and use them effectively. Often a recreational player does not have time to play even 10 hands before losing his entire deposit. After such an experience, he does not come back to the tables. Fast losses of amateurs are extremely unprofitable for rooms. That is why they want to prolong the life of weak players. For this reason they prohibit statistics, limit multitabling, deprive poker players of the opportunity to select tables.


Does it make sense to play on Pokerdom?

With the work of the converter for Pokerdom solved, but is it worth to play there? Let's take a closer look at the room.

Pokerdom was opened in 2014. The room is focused on Russian-speaking players. All the poker in it is in rubles. The room is dominated by no-limit Texas Hold'em, with a relative demand for pot-limit Omaha. There is also a unique offer - Chinese poker "Pineapple". All popular disciplines at Poker Dom are represented: cash games, tournaments and spins. Beginner players can try their skills in free play with virtual money.

An interesting way to solve the question of the loyalty program. PD has two of them at once: "100 Steps to a Million" and "Time Machine". One is more suitable for amateur players, because it provides cash prizes for each new level. The second is aimed at hard-working players and allows you to get a rakeback of 67%. Switch loyalty programs with promo codes. Enter them in the lobby on the "Cashier" tab.

To get the rakeback of 67% will not be easy, because the poker at high stakes in the room is not so much

Cash. Almost all of the play is at short tables 6-max. A Full Ring in the room is absent, but there is 8-max. There are tables with bets from 1 r./2 r. to 1000 r./2000 r. available in the lobby. Most of the players at low-limit tables. There is also fast poker on Pokerdom. Here it is called "Boost". To attract traffic on some boost limits they charge higher rakeback.

Tournaments. The big tournament series or "Sunday Million" the room cannot boast. The total guarantee of large series rarely exceeds $1,000,000. But the Poker Dom is good for beginners and low limit regulars. The level of opponents here is lower, and the average number of participants in the tournament does not exceed 150-200 people. There are 7 tournaments a day, "League of Bogatyrs". At the end of the week leaderboard is formed and the best players are given additional awards.

Multitabling is limited only by the capacity of your computer

Spins. Tournaments for 3 people with a random prize are called "Windfall". Participation in the cheapest spin will cost 25 rubles, and in the most expensive - 5,000. If the maximum multiplier falls out, you can win up to 600,000 rubles. In Pokerdom they got creative with windfall, so they introduced Chinese poker and HU spins. On the right side of the lobby they publish the names of fresh winners with big multipliers.


What other rooms have a tracker with a converter?

The opportunity to play with stats and HUD against opponents who are in an information vacuum is very attractive. That's why converter helps our clients win more at Pokerdom. Are there converters for other rooms where the trackers don't work directly? Yes, there are dozens of other places where it's realistic to output stats when using converters:

Poker Rooms Converter
PPPoker, Upoker, PokerBros, XPoker, Suprema Asian Converter
TigerGaming, BetOnline, SportsBetting Chico Converter
GGPoker, PokerOK, Natural8 GGConverter
PokerDom PokerDom Converter
PokerBaazi PokerBaazi Converter
Hive Poker Network, Planetwin365 Starlive Converter
Spartan Poker SpartanPoker Converter
People's Poker People’s Poker Converter
PokerKlas KlasPoker Converter

Europe-Bet Converter

Brasil Poker, Chile Poker, Bolivia Poker, Guarani Poke, Argenlive, Colombia Poker, Uru Poker, Poker de las Americas Aconcagua Converter


You can try any converter from the list for free. Click on the link from the table, download the software and follow the instructions from the product description.

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