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KingsHands Proxy
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Proxy— is a program for security on the Internet, that protects you and

your devices. When you play poker online, you need a proxy service, to

access any foreign poker room, either a closed reservation. Proxy mask

your IP address, and therefore it seems that you are accessing a site

from another region. Our Proxy is perfectly protected from detection

and boasts excellent stability without interruptions in connection.

Our advantages:

  • Always a big quantity of socks and proxy servers online
  • NOW: 30009 IP in 181 countries
  • High anonymity - we guarantee that our proxy servers are completely

    anonymous (that is, they do not keep logs and do not modify http

  • Traffic encryption to Sox server, proprietary traffic tunneling technology!
  • The best protection for IP and all connections without using a VPN
  • The ability to securely connect to Sox servers is included at all rates! You can hide or change your IP with two clicks of the mouse.


  • Compatible with Windows 2k/2k3/XP/Vista/Seven/Win8/Win10
  • Compatible with MacOS (up to 10.14 inclusive), Linux, BSD (100% working through WINE)
  • Compatible with any virtual machines

Please contact our support. if you have any questions or need any help!

Our offers for this soft
Demo 10 IP total usage limit 2 days 3.00$ BUY
Start 90 IP total usage limit 2 days 12.00$ BUY
Month (250 IP total usage limit) 30.00$ BUY
Unlimited IP total usage 30 days 41.00$ BUY
Unlimited IP total usage 45 days 58.00$ BUY
Unlimited IP total usage 60 days 75.00$ BUY
Unlimited IP total usage 90 days 100.00$ BUY
Unlimited IP total usage 180 days 169.00$ BUY
Unlimited IP total usage 365 days 299.00$ BUY