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Chico Grinder Tool
18$ (Beta 50%)
69 votes

It’s a tool for managing tables in the poker rooms of the Chico Poker Network.

The functionality of the program will be constantly improved and expanded. At the moment the following features are implemented:

  • Conversion of stakes, bets and pot to big blinds.
  • Automatic bet sizes based on: number of players on table, current position on table (BB, SB, BU …), preflop bank amount, % pot in position and out of position on flop, turn, river, coefficient 3bet on preflop, in position and without
  • Ability to use Hot Keys for: closing table, buttons: fold, check/call, raise/bet, user's BettingButtons
  • Automatic placement of tables on one or several monitors, according to the specified parameters
  • Activation and placement at the table of an additional, custom panel Betting Buttons, with 3 buttons for: on X*BB for preflop, % of current pot for postflop
  • Ability to setup auto buy-in
  • Removing the window title and frame at the tables
  • Highlighting the colored frame of the active table and the table in sit-out
  • Ability to create separate profiles and fast switch between them

Works with MTT / SNG

Supported on Windows 7, 8, 10.

Supported rooms