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KingsHands VPN
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KingsHands VPN is a program which helps poker players to establish secure connection on top of their regular Internet connection and change user's IP Addresses. In Poker such tools are used in a variety of ways. For example, it helps players to get by the blocks set up by their Internet provider and get access to some areas of online world, which could not be accessed by regular connection.

Our advantages:

  • Anonymous IP Address
  • Dedicated IP Address (upon request)
  • Secure browsing, downloads and uploads
  • Not logging: we respect your privacy
  • Servers in more than 35 countries in the world (including USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, etc)
  • Disabling Internet Connection on VPN disconnect (optional)
  • Public WiFi Security
  • Bypass Internet Censorship
  • Global TV access
  • And others.

Please contact our support. if you have any questions or need any help!

Our offers for this soft
OpenVPN 30 Day Trial Offer 1.00$ BUY
OpenVPN Monthly Access 9.95$ BUY
OpenVPN 1x Dedicated IP 1 month 16.95$ BUY
OpenVPN 2 Monthly Access 19.90$ BUY
OpenVPN 1x Dedicated IP 3 Month access 40.95$ BUY
OpenVPN 6 Month Access 49.95$ BUY
OpenVPN 1x Dedicated IP 6 Months 71.00$ BUY
OpenVPN 12 Month Access 79.95$ BUY
OpenVPN 1x Dedicated IP 12 Months 142.00$ BUY
OpenVPN Monthly Access 9.95$ BUY
VPN 3 Year Access 106.20$ BUY
OpenVPN Monthly Access 9.95$ BUY
OpenVPN 3 Years ($2.99/m) 107.64$ BUY
30 Days FREE then $9.95/mo 0.00$ BUY
OpenVPN 2x Dedicated IP 12 Months 262.00$ BUY
OpenVPN 4x Dedicated IP 1 Month 49.95$ BUY
OpenVPN 6x Dedicated IP 1 Month 69.95$ BUY