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Affiliate Program

We would like to offer you to promote our software and HandHistories to your players and earn a good revenue!

KingsHands.com team developed Hand History Converter for Enet Poker network and People’s Poker network. We have looked through other softwares on the market and included all the best out of them in our program. Kings Hands Converter is simple, user-friendly, reliable and fast. On top of this, we offer a good support to all the players, help them to set it up for free and are glad to hear any critics and update our program to make it better!

We also offer Hand Histories for all the main poker networks, our loyal price system will help your customers get the best price and save their time.

We are sure, that if we work as a team, we will achieve great results!

If you are interested, please contact us and we will get you set up.