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Equity Poker Network (EPN) HandHistories (Datamining)

HandHistories (Datamining) Equity Poker Network (EPN) is the unique opportunity, which lets the player gather information (statistics, hands database) on the opponents in Equity Poker Network (EPN). These Hand Histories (Datamining) should be converted by our Chico/Equity Converter, and then imported in the Holdem Manager and displayed in Holdem Manager HUD, that will give a player more full information on the opponent during the game in Equity Poker Network (EPN). Equity Poker Network (EPN) HandHistories (Datamining) could be exclusively found on KingsHands! We offer datamining on short tables (SH, 6max), full table (FR, 9max) and HeadsUp tables (HU, 2max) from NL10 up to NL1000. Our team constantly works on increasing the number of Hand Histories, and we would be happy to hear your comments and suggestions. Start using Equity Poker Network (EPN) HandHistories (Datamining) today to get the advantage on your the opponents! If you have any difficulties, please contact us, and we would be glad to help you!

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