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Do you have any history of hands on MTT, SnG, Omaha HI / LO and the PLO?

At the moment, we do not have a history of hands on these disciplines.

Where can I find a list of poker rooms, as well as the limits for which the subscription is available?

All information about poker rooms and limits, which is available for the purchase of a subscription is on the page, Hand Histories.

Where can I find a list of prices and converters?

All prices and a list of available converters you can see the tab Poker Soft on our site.

What poker managers support your converters?

Our converters are working with such managers as poker: Holdem Manager 1, Holdem Manager 2, Poker Tracker 4.

Your converters operate in all the rooms of network?

Yes, our converters work with all rooms, in case of a new poker room found, we will add it to the list maintained for a short time.

Where can I download the installation converters?

You can download manual on the download page of a converter you require under the button "Download"

Why is the price of the license is determined by the EUR / year?

The price of the license is determined by the EUR / year for several reasons: we never stop working to improve the functionality of our products and also create new ones, as all the poker rooms regularly release updates, we have also updated our software for its normal functioning, as we provide the highest quality service showing individual approach to all players and affiliates.

What if I ran into problems during the installation and has not reached the desired result?

In case of any difficulties during installation, you can contact in any way you with our support and they help you immediately.

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