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NETELLER payment system is one of the largest names in the e-wallet market. The company has been operating since 1999 and offers its services to customers from more than 200 countries. The e-wallet is managed by Optimal Payments PLC, currently the Paysafe Group. Since 2015, the parent company has acquired Skrill, that is why these electronic systems so similar to each other. Today, customers are relatively free to transfer funds between these two wallets.


At NETELLER, registration process takes just a few minutes. To create a full-featured NETELLER account, easy conditions must be met.

  1. Register a new account on the NETELLER page.
  2. Enter your personal data including name, address, e-mail, password.
  3. Complete the verification providing scans of your ID documents.

Deposit and withdrawal

NETELLER provides many options for deposits and cash outs. E-wallet customers can use the following deposit methods: GiroPay, PaysafeCard, Skrill, MasterCard, Visa, Bitoin, JBC, American Express.

To make withdrawals from the account customers can use the following methods: bank transfer, American Express, Visa, MasterCard.


For its services NETELLER charges fees.

Commission for a deposit is 2.5% for each client, regardless of level and status.

Making withdrawals to your personal bank account you'll have to pay commission of $10. Users with at least Gold level aren't required to pay this type of commission.

However, there is a certain gradation in the registration dates which entails a different percentage on commissions. It can range from 4.49% to 20%. However, we remind you that this percentage is charged only for the first transfer operation, for all subsequent ones, the commission will be 1.45% but no more than $10.

Free money transfer is possible depending on the residence of a client with the Silver VIP status or Gold +.

As for the limits, as soon as you reach a certain VIP level, all limits will be cancelled.

Thus, unlike users who don’t have a VIP status, you can make an unlimited number of transfers.

Payments in online stores, restaurants are also made without fees. We’ll tell you how and why to register with us and what benefits it gives you.

VIP program

For NETELLER's most loyal clients, a VIP program is provided with additional rewards, higher limits and lower tariffs.

VIP status is determined based on the amount of account transactions made during the year. Each VIP level gives you the opportunity to take advantage of certain advantages.

NETELLER provides its customers with the following VIP levels:

  • Neteller Bronze VIP - $10,000 turnover annually.
  • Neteller Silver VIP - $50,000 turnover annually.
  • Neteller Gold VIP - $100,000 turnover annually.
  • Neteller Platinum VIP - $500,000 turnover annually.
  • Neteller Diamond VIP - $2,000,000 turnover annually.

Benefits of registering with us

As you can see, having a high level of status at Neteller is vital. This will significantly reduce your commission costs and allow you to expand the list of available services. Check out the list of preferences that you will receive by registering at our link:

  • Loyal transaction requirements for obtaining VIP status
  • Higher withdrawal limits
  • Transaction fee is 1.45% (cap $10/€9), but no less than $0.50.
Registration at Neteller KingsHands
Instant VIP Bronze PRO status No Yes
Verification Up to 72 hours Up to 24 hours
Для получения Silver VIP Нужно трансферов на сумму от $50,000 Нужно трансферов на сумму от $7,500

Pay attention to the last point. In order to maintain Silver status, you need to make transfers per year at least for $20,000 (without registration from us - $50,000).

In addition, remember that:

  • Neteller client account must be verified before VIP status is updated;
  • Only VIP accounts registered via our link can receive a privileged update;
  • Request for status update is accepted only once;
  • The process of updating the VIP status takes from 8 to 72 hours.


The Paysafe brand cares about the safety of its customers, and like any reliable company provides high-quality protection of your funds. The so-called two-factor authentication guarantees a high level of security for your account. In addition to the password, customers will need to provide an authentication code that changes every 30 seconds which makes hacking your account almost impossible. Such a security system combined with a strong password and a unique PIN, will protect you from any problems.


  • More affordable VIP levels;
  • Gambling friendly;
  • Widespread electronic wallet, including outside the gambling community.


  • Non-optimal cashout for CIS countries
  • "Heavy" support service.