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The philosophy of the MuchBetter payment system is to make online payments better. Actually, this aspiration lies in the name of the company. What are the main trump cards? These are mobility, simplicity, reliability and low fees. Agree, this is much better than other offers which is available currently on the market.

Register at MuchBetter

MuchBetter is focused on mobile devices, so you can easily find MuchBetter application in the AppStore and GooglePlay stores. The registration process is easy and intuitive. The same goes for identity and bank card verification. To confirm your identity, you just need to send a selfie with your ID document (passport or driver license). To confirm your bank card, you need to indicate the exact amount debited from the card.

Deposit and withdrawal

As deposit methods, the following systems can be used: Yandex.Money and Bitcoin, and standard VISA/MasterCard cards. As for the commissions for replenishments, they vary depending on the country and can be from 1.5% to 5% per transaction. In some cases, if you replenish your MuchBetter account with a bank transfer, you can count on a zero commission when crediting. At the same time, transfers between MuchBetter accounts are carried out without commissions.


MuchBetter offers its customers individual MasterCard plastic cards, as well as a unique NFC keychain which allows contactless payments without a plastic card. The keychain costs €/£10. At the same time, getting a card is free but to get it you will need to fill in your personal data, verify it and have at least £30 on your balance. Both the map and keychain are available for residents of some European countries.

By default, a card from MuchBetter has the following restrictions (Please note that currencies are not indicated, since for each country they as tied to the limits specified below):

ATM withdrawal limits:

  • Up to 5 transactions daily, up to 300 in total
  • Monthly limit: 15 transactions, up to 2000 in total
  • Annual limit: 180 transactions, up to 20,000 in total

Point of Sale (POS) Transaction Limits:

  • Daily: 4500
  • Monthly: 22 500
  • Annually: 90,000

Keep in mind that withdrawals at ATMs are subject to a 0.99% commission, while regular payments through POS terminals are free.

If you want to raise the limits, you should contact the support service and give the appropriate reasoning.


The company provides high security. When logging in your account, MuchBetter offers to use an NFC key fob, Face ID access, dynamic CVV code, two-factor authentication, and many other security measures.

Why to choose MuchBetter?

  • First and most important: everyone who signs up from us receives a bonus of € 5 on the second deposit for affiliate sites. By the way, there is a wide variety of poker sites including bwin, Vbet, 888, GGpoker and many other popular online casinos and bookmakers.
  • Secondly, this system offers lower fees on cashouts, free transfers between accounts and any other financial transactions, in comparison with Skrill/Neteller.
  • Thirdly, the system is fast and easy to use. All those who has ever encountered the Skril/Neteller support service know how long and exhausting it can be to communicate with the support of these payment systems. MuchBetter is really much better in this regard.